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SAP Upgrade Solution
To remain successful in the backdrop of complex market dynamics, organization must ensure that they have the right information, at the right place and at the right cost. While your present SAP IT landscape may have helped you achieve this, organization should proactively evaluate this benefit to retain competitive edge in the future.This can happen only if you maintain the most effective and optimum SAP environment.

Upgrade Methodology
SAP Upgrade Methodology leverages the Global Delivery Model(GDM) to ensure faster go-live and quicker recovery of investments on SAP Upgrade projects. A phased approach, comprising multiple upgrade passes would help de-risk the project.

Accelerator Tools

Upgrade Assessment Tool
  • Used in the assessment phase to estimate the effort required to fix custom objects.
Upgrade Execution Tool
  • Used after Basis Upgrade to report errors, if any, and calculate the effort required to fix them.
Transport Management and Conflict Resolution Tool
  • Provides functions for creating, documenting and releasing change requests during the customizing and development process and for recognizing the development landscape.
  • Also creates a summery report of transports created for a project and the status of each transport
  • Transport Organizer tools are designed specifically for use by the development teams. These include:
    • Recording changes in change requests
    • Working with change requests from their creation to release