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Quality Management in Production

During production, it may be necessary for you to carry out a several individual inspections at different intervals or as a result of certain events. With the component QM in Production, you can process inspections during a production operation (while manufacturing discrete parts) or a process phase (while producing process goods).

The inspection characteristics in Quality Management (QM) are integrated in the work scheduling and production processing functions of the Production Planning (PP) component.

Inspection Points

Using inspection points for an inspection during production, you can:

  • Inspect materials at regular intervals
  • Time-based intervals (for example, an inspection point every hour or for each work shift)
  • Quantity-based intervals (for example, an inspection point for each container)
  • Freely-defined intervals (for example, an inspection point each time a tool changeoccurs)
  • Record inspection results for each inspection point (for example, for each container or work shift) and valuate each inspection point with a “usage decision”
  • Assign a produced quantity to each inspection point and allocate the inspection point

It is recommended that you allocate inspection points with the same usage decision to partial lots. This allows you to manage partial quantities that differ in quality. In this way, you can monitor the production process continuously with respect to the
inspection characteristics.