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Quality Management in Sales and Distribution (QM-PT-RP-SD)

The Quality Management (QM) component supports Sales and Distribution (SD) by processing quality inspections and creating quality certificates for deliveries. A quality inspection for a delivery allows you to check the quality of a material or product before it leaves the manufacturer's or vendor's premises.

Implementation Considerations
The Quality Management (QM) component supports your sales and distribution activities:

  • With quality inspections for a delivery (based on sales organization, customer, and material)
  • With quality certificates for a delivery (with reference to sales organization, customer, and material)
  • By managing customer terms of delivery
If a delivery is created in SD for a product or material, the QM component automatically creates an inspection lot for the delivery items that must be inspected. A delivery item must be inspected if the corresponding control parameters are active in the SD and QM components. The delivery can be released for the goods issue posting, provided a usage decision to accept the goods is made for the inspection lot. When the system creates quality certificates, it accesses the data in Sales and Distribution (for example, customer master and sales order), Quality Management (for example, inspection specification and inspection results), and Materials Management (for example, batch specification).

  • The R/3 System creates an inspection lot when a delivery is created. The system supports quality inspections for inspection lots with the following origins:
  • Delivery with reference to a sales order
  • Delivery without reference to a sales order
  • General delivery (without reference to a customer)
  • In the control data, you can specify that the inspection lot must be accepted as a prerequisite for the goods issue and you can also indicate whether the inspection should be carried out during the goods issue or by the ship-to party.
  • If the stocks for a material are managed in batches, you can select suitable batches [Ext.] on the basis of batch characteristic values.
  • With the help of the where-used list, you can determine which raw material batches were included in which batches of a final product.
  • You can identify which batches were dispatched to a customer with which deliveries.
You can create customer-specific quality certificates together with the other shipping documents, print them out or transmit them by fax, and archive them in an optical archive using ArchiveLink. If customers have the required authorization, they can also create and retrieve quality certificates over the Internet.