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Quality Management

With the functions of the Quality Management (QM) module, you can implement the most important elements of a QM system, as specified in ISO 9000. These functions are complemented by other integrated application components of the SAP system (such as MM, SD, PP).

The integration of the QM application component in the R/3 System allows quality management tasks to be combined with those in other applications (such as materials management, production, sales and distribution and cost accounting).

The QM application component supports tasks associated with quality planning, quality inspection and quality control. In addition, it controls the creation of quality certificates and manages problems with the help of quality notifications.
The following components are available in QM:
  • Basic data (for example, material master, catalogs, inspection characteristics, inspection methods and sampling procedures)
  • Inspection planning (inspection plans, reference operation sets, material specifications)
  • QM in procurement
  • QM in Sales and Distribution
  • Inspection lot processing (inspection lot creation and inspection lot completion)
  • Recording results
  • Defects recording
  • Sample management
  • Quality Information System
  • Dynamic modification of the inspection scope
  • Quality certificates
  • Quality notifications
  • Test equipment management
Implementation Considerations
The 20 elements of a quality management system according to the ISO 9000 series of standards are represented by integrated functions throughout the entire R/3 System. The elements are represented as follows:
  • Management responsibility) QM (Quality Management), HR (Human Resources)
  • (Quality management system) QM, PM (Plant Maintenance), PP (Production Planning), PS (Project System)
  • (Contract review) SD (Sales and Distribution)
  • (Design control) PP, PS
  • (Document and data control) Document Management System, ArchiveLink
  • (Purchasing) QM, MM (Materials Management), PP
  • (Control of customer supplied product) QM, PM, MM
  • (Product identification and traceability) QM, MM
  • (Process control) PM, PP
  • (Inspection and testing) QM
  • (Control of inspection, measuring and test equipment) QM, PM, PP
  • (Inspection and test status) QM
  • (Control of nonconforming product) QM, CO
  • (Corrective and preventive action) QM, PM
  • (Handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery) SD, MM
  • (Control of quality records) QM, MM
  • (Internal quality audits) QM
  • (Training) HR
  • (Servicing) QM, PM
  • (Statistical techniques) QM


Process Quality Notification (QM-QN-NM)
You can use this workflow scenario to support your company's processes for complaints
handling. In this scenario, the SAP Business Workflow component helps you process, monitor and complete newly created or activated quality notifications promptly and efficiently. This process is implemented in a workflow template that triggers and controls the execution of the following standard tasks:
  • Notifying an authorized person (for example, the notification coordinator) that a new qualitynotification has been created or activated in the system and that tasks need to be defined forthe notification
  •  Notifying an authorized person that tasks have been created for the quality notification andthat these tasks need to be processed
  • Notifying an authorized person (for example, the notification coordinator) that all tasks havebeen completed for the quality notification and that the notification needs to be completed ornew tasks need to be defined for the notification

SAP Business Workflow
If the appropriate settings have been made for the SAP Business Workflow, the system automatically sends a work item to the persons or departments responsible, advising them that certain tasks need to be performed. This process includes the following tasks and causes:



An outstanding quality notification without
tasks needs to be processed

The person(s) responsible is notified when:

  • A quality notification is created manually inthe system
  • A defect record is activated as a qualitynotification during a quality inspection

A quality notification with outstanding tasks
needs to be processed

The person(s) responsible is notified as soon
as tasks are created in the notification and the
notification is saved.

A quality notification with completed tasks
needs to be completed

The person(s) responsible is notified as soon
as tasks are created in the notification and the
notification is saved.

Determining the person(s) or departments responsible
For each of the tasks described above, the system notifies the following persons or departments in the order shown:
  • Coordinator of notification
  • Responsible department (if a coordinator is not specified)
  • All persons in the system assigned to this task (if a coordinator nor a responsible department is specified)

Data transfer:


The Data Transfer Workbench supports the transfer of QM data to an SAP system. If you have a large volume of data, it is especially useful to use the Workbench because it ensures efficient data transfer and data consistency in the SAP system.

In the QM component, the Data Transfer Workbench has the following functions:
  • Data transfer of master inspection characteristics
  • Data transfer of inspection methods
  • Data transfer of inspection plans