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Business Consulting

Jupiter Solutions Inc Business Consulting helps you improve company performance through delivery of business transformation programs including cost reduction, business process improvement, shared services, top-down information strategies, executive coaching and leadership development.

Jupiter solutions business transformation framework

Jupiter Solutions Inc works with its clients to address the issues of business strategy formulation and enabling them to lead their companies towards those goals. Excellent program and project management is required to ensure the success of any project. Jupiter solutions Inc has a strong track record in the successful delivery of complex change programs.

Solutions Implementation

Jupiter Solutions delivers business transformation through the implementation of certain core modules of enterprise applications such as SAP, the world's leading software application for managing business operations. Implementations include the all new mySAP Business Suite, ERP and Industry Solutions. Jupiter solutions ensures the success of these implementations through the following guidelines:
  • The use of experienced consultants with considerable depth of industry, systems integration, and SAP knowledge and skills
  • Structured project Preparation and Mobilization. A complete suite of tools necessary to execute the project is delivered during the Project Pre Implementation and Preparation Phase
  • Pre-configured solution components (documentation, design concepts and architectures) that enable rapid progress in the blueprint phase of the project
  • Use of 'user scenario maps' in the blueprint and testing phases to pragmatically define functionality which is supported by the SAP functionality
  • Executive ownership, effective communication, understanding roles and responsibilities within the new environment, and management of effective knowledge transfer
  • Detailed understanding of the activities performed in each phase of the project and the outputs required
  • A creative and innovative approach to resolving technical and functional issues during the projectA creative and innovative approach to resolving technical and functional issues during the project