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Implementation Overview

The SAP implementation process is made up out of four main phases.

  • Project preparation - where a vision of the future-state of the SAP solution is being created
  • Sizing and Blueprinting phase - where the solution stack is created and training is being performed
  • Functional development phase
  • Final preparation phase
When the last tests are being performed before the system goes live. For each phase, the vital activities are addressed and the deliverables/ products are explained.

Project Preparation:
SAP Business Suite 7 applications are fully SOA-enabled. SOA helps you to shorten application innovation The project preparation phase, depicted below, focuses at two main activities, i.e. to make a setup for the TSO (Technical Support Organization) and to define a solution vision. These activities allow an organization to put in on the right track towards implementation.

Sizing and blueprinting:
The next phase is often referred to as the sizing and blueprinting phase and forms the main chunk of the implementation process.

Functional Development:
The functional development phase, where it is all about change management and testing.

Final Preparation:
The last phase before going live can be referred to as the final preparation phase.