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SAP Data Migration

Our consultants can help you optimize your end-to-end data migration by combining our expertise with our SAP to integrate your data and improve the data’s quality, particularly when upgrading or replacing legacy systems with SAP ERP.

In working with our consultants, you gain the framework, templates, methodology, tools, and expertise you need to analyze, extract, transform, cleanse, validate, upload, and reconcile legacy data into your SAP ERP environment.

Your information management infrastructure will become mature and you can establish data governance best practices. You will better support your ongoing business needs and provide the agility and control you need to realize a data migration – quickly, securely, and accurately.

SAP Technical Migration

While transitioning to new SAP systems and technologies, you are probably in need of expert guidance to efficiently and cost-effectively move data stored in legacy systems to the new SAP solution. We provide the guidance that can help migrate your operating systems and databases as also upgrade from older SAP technology.

With our SAP Services, you can accomplish technical migrations – quickly, easily and successfully. Our consultants possess the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to plan and implement transitions that can help you reduce IT and operating costs, optimize system performance, and pursue new business opportunities. We understand very well that your business growth will be sustained and nourished by establishing new processes and your systems should by a step ahead in helping you implement them.

Through this service, our consultants perform five critical activities:
  • Strategic migration consulting – Analyze current processes and systems and recommends the most effective migration strategy
  • Migration plan and documentation – Offer guidelines for implementing all stages of the migration life cycle and for documenting the migration project
  • Migration coaching – Identifies key issues and critical tasks involved in realizing a migration project
  • Migration execution – Performs the activities involved in migrating a system environment or technical data
  • Migration tools - Provides the tools needed – such as SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench – to realize migrations
Our consultants can work closely with your organization to create a cost-effective, rapid migration plan that recommends processes for making your migration as smooth as possible. We will provide you with details of proven techniques and best practices that can help you optimize your IT resources and maintain your system's performance.

By applying these processes, techniques, and practices, you can realize five business benefits:
  • Decrease the time and expense involved in completing migration projects
  • Develop a data transfer approach that maintains ongoing business operations and activities without interruptions
  • Establish processes suitable for implementing future migration projects
  • Achieve results that optimize a new solution's performance
  • Obtain a comprehensive approach for realizing migrations, one that reduces risk and enables a quick return-on-investment