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We implement the “Run” SAP methodology which enables us to set up operations for your SAP applications to optimize operations, processes, and technical infrastructure across the entire life cycle. The best practices, process design recommendations, operating standards, and services incorporated in the methodology are based on the know-how and experience gained from previous installations for SAP customers. This framework of standardized and uniform procedures enables you to manage your SAP application more efficiently to provide a sustainable reduction of operating costs while providing a high degree of process reliability.

"Using standardized processes and methods to manage and operate SAP applications leads to lasting cost savings and productivity gains, resulting in a faster time to realize the ROI for your software investment."

Fig: Phase Model for the Run SAP Methodology

We provide valuable assets and tools for implementing and launching new solutions, integrating SAP enhancement packages, and introducing technologies and concepts such as service-oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web 2.0.